Studio Archipass

Studio Archipass specializes in architecture,
interior design and enogastronomic projects.
Founded in Milan in 2003 by Alessia Cipolla
architect and sommelier.


Finding meeting points between interior design and projects for the world of Taste: impossible? We are trying to do it. Designing means being curious, travelling, observing, being constantly able to adopt a different point of view, listening, learning from other disciplines, gaining new skills, finding an interest in topics that stretch beyond the realm of art and transcend the borders of our knowledge. It means setting off on a challenging journey, where nothing is what it seems and everything keeps changing, and every idea is improved, transformed and explained before being brought to life. We carry out this exciting task in projects that contain architectural composition, design, graphics, creation of events, thanks to our experience, but also through a network of Italian and international professionals working with our team.

Alessia Cipolla, architect and sommelier, is the founder and coordinator of La Costruzione del Gusto (The Construction of Taste), the gourmet side of Studio Archipass. This is a multi-discipline group of experts who assist companies and professionals in the wine and food industry creating projects for the world of taste. Their objective is to promote a greater knowledge of quality food and its preparation among consumers through the design of places dedicated to the production, distribution and the wine and food tasting, of food and wine design.

Alessia Cipolla studied at ETH (Zurich-Switzerland) and graduated in Architecture from the Architecture University Institute of Venice. In 1998 she achieved a Master in Bio Architecture in Venice. In 2003 she set up the architecture office Studio Archipass in Milan. Alessia Cipolla is also an interior and food design teacher,  at Domus Academy and Scuola Politecnica di Design.

Alessia Cipolla  currently writes for Guest Magazine and magazines for the wine and food industry, i.e. Vitae, published by AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association, as she has been a sommelier since 1998.

Arch. Alessia Cipolla

Studio Archipass is a network of Italian and international professionals
providing a comprehensive service for your projects.

Alessia Cipolla

Architect and Sommelier, Milan

Fabrizio Lepore

Architect, London

Antonella Provasi

Graphic Designer, Milan

Simonluca Spadanuda

Illustrator, Urbanmagic

Marco Spalletti

Engineer, Trieste

Gianpietro Sacchi

Architect,  Milan

Stefano Rigoni

Architect,  Milan